Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011


A delightful web client built by Loura

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Welcome to the pond!

Lillihub is a reimagined web client based on simplicity and ease of use. Follow and interact with other micro.bloggers and fediverse users with inline replies and a fully loaded comment thread. It fits to your device, respects your light/dark mode preferences, and offers content moderation

Key Features

  1. Posts, conversations and mentions:

    Lillihub splits the timeline into three sections. Posts have all the posts from the people you follow in chronological order. The conversations page finds all the @mentions happening among your following and shows the post that started it. It's a great way to find new people to follow. The mentions page is an easy way to find who @mentioned you specifically.

    Comments are now preloaded under each post. Lillihub also makes it easy to reply inline and select who you want to reply to. The reply area expands as you write making it easy to see everything you write.
  2. Create new posts:

    Create new posts easily with a simple markdown editor that supports common formats, drag+drop/copy images, and preview. You can even toggle full screen mode (desktop only) and preview your post. Not ready to publish? Save it as a draft. Lillihub supports syndication and assigning categories all in one place.
  3. Pin interesting posts:

    Find an interesting post that you want to follow up on, but don't want to bookmark? Pin it! Then come back to it when you're ready to engage. Pinned posts are on the sidebar (desktop/tablet) or navbar (mobile) for easy access.
  4. Discover feed, emojitags and official Micro.Blog accounts:

    The discover page lets you view the discover feed from Along the side (desktop/tablet) or navbar (mobile) you can access all the tagmoji feeds offers. The navigation also calls attention to the official accounts for roll calls (Monday), community challenges, and news.

Even More Features!

  • View user profiles. Both micro.bloggers and fediverse
  • Upload images and manage your blog media
  • Unfollow/Block/Mute users
  • Spot users you aren't following and start following with a button click.
  • Set content filters to exclude words from posts and comments
  • Manage your Micro.Blog bookshelves
  • Add books directly from the bookmoji feed
  • Manage your Micro.Blog bookmarks

FAQ's + Tips and Tricks

Not seeing conversations?
Check to see if you have an adblocker, like 1blocker, installed. Some adblockers remove comments from webpages and will remove them from Lillihub.
Why do I see duplicate posts when navigating through "Conversations" pages?
When a page is loaded on Liliihub it gets a list of 60 chronological posts from and splits them into two groups, replies and posts. If enough time has passed, or multiple users you follow are replying to a common post, then the post will resurface each page it is encountered.


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