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Jeroen Sangers

📸 Brand new cycling shoes
Lleida, 18:59 CET A Day in the Life of


Sven Dahlstrand

We're going all-in autumn. Lit candles for the atmosphere, mini pumpkins for decoration, and dal as comfort food for our stomachs. 😋 A day in the life in Jönköping, Sweden, at 6:07 pm.

A table with two plates of dal, mini pumpkins, and a lit candle.


Devon Greene

Another day in A Day in the Life


Sam (Satyajit) Grover

Friendly Neighborhood Werewolf. 9:15 AM, October 14th 2022. Portland, Oregon.

A tall werewolf decoration in a yard that reaches to the roofline of the house behind it, with a mostly full moon in the morning sky behind.


Johan Larsson

A day in the life. Pizza cravings.

Göteborg, Sweden. October 14, 18:04.


Espen Fredrick

My #adayinthelife photo might seem mundane, but research conferences like these drive discussions which further our field. Taken at the Texas APS meeting, Rice University, Houston. 11:00 AM, 10/14/2022.


John Johnston

A Day in the Life: Friday 14t October 15:20 Banton. Leaving school sharp at the end of term. Autumn well under way. I wonder if the leaves will still be on this cherry after a week’s break.


Eric Eggert

A Day in the Life: My initial plan was to do a bike ride and find a nice picture there, but weather and tiredness did not agree with that plan. So instead, here is a photo of the tiny pink flowers from the balcony who have recovered from the heat of the summer. Fall is great!

Pink flowers with additional herbs growing on the balcony. Everything is wet.


A Day In The Life: Working from home, as usual. My bedroom is so huge, it’s also my office. I love it! This post was taken at 1:21 PM Atlantic time in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Woman with long straight brown hair sits in a desk chair wearing a red Montreal Canadiens shirt. You might be able to see my cluttered desk in the background.

Josh Fishburn

A Day in the Life, 2022-10-14 08:57:54, Fall Colors at The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ


Al Power

A day in the life: enjoying a good coffee while looking out at the garden greenery, with dog who always comes to sit beside me.


George Kelly

It’s 9:02 a.m. Pacific time in San Pablo, CA., and our cat Begum is purring her way through her customary morning belly rub. No days begin in our household without her hopping up from under the bed, clambering into my lap and sprawling into an optimal position to accept tribute.


Odd-Egil “Oddzthrash” Auran

A Day in The Life: Was sleepless most of the night, so the only okay picture I got was this one, taken at 07:36 local time, in Oslo, Norway.

A night stand lamp with red light, Miffy the rabbit night light, and some clutter.

Keegan Sands

Rainy fall day along the Merrimack River. A Day in the Life in Merrimac, MA, USA 7:45AM EDT.


Bill Dunbar

A Day in the Life, 2022-10-14 at 8:13a, Nortwest Connecticut, USA.

I try, both literally and figuratively, to put my boots on each morning and get to work. Some days are more successful than others.


Jonathan Hays

No idea what this is…


Anton Zuiker

Friday, October 14, 2022, 11:11 a.m., Chapel Hill, North Carolina, U.S.A., North America, Planet Earth. A pleasant fall day. Stepping away from work to check on the rocks I’ve been lining along the property edge. Listening to the birds above and acorns falling to forest floor.

line of rocks


James Dempsey

Dexter at the vet.

A Day In The Life: Campbell, California, USA 14 October 2022 at 07:12 PDT


David Sinclair

A day in the life photo challenge: our motorhome at Caballo Lake State Park in New Mexico, photo taken on October 14 at 08:40 MDT.

Our coach


Eric Abando

Apple Fitness+ 10 minute core workout.

A Day in the Life in Chicago, 9:54am.



A Day in the Life of unboxing beautiful games in North Carolina - October 14, 2022 at 10:31 am EDT


Boardgame Dog Park with multiple breeds of dogs posing on cover and extra components depicting multiple breeds of show dogs. A Day iin the Life photo challenge


October 14, 2022 - took lots of pictures today, but wanted to opt for something a little more Kyrgyz for the A Day in the Life Photo Challenge 🙂
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 7:43 PM - Flower shop (гүлдөр is ‘flowers’ in Kyrgyz; гүл (flower) + дөр (plural suffix))


Andrew Canion

Perth RAC Arena at 7:33pm. Perth Wildcats lost to Melbourne United, 81-84. I was invited to attend and sit court side by a Patreon supporter of my podcast NBL Pocket Podcast. What an opportunity! #adayinthelife


Darby M. Dixon III

A Day in the Life - a little splash of autumnal color from Oberlin, OH.


Holger Frohloff

Posted on Friday, 14th at 4:13pm in Berlin A day in the Life


Matthew Bradley

Low flying military helicopter over Capitol Hill, DC

Not the most artful shot, but an accurate representation of “a day in the life” common event — a low-flying military helicopter over Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. October 14, 08:56 ET.


Dan McMullen

My morning commute - Day in the Life Photo Challenge

Near Halifax Nova Scotia - 7:30a


Dave Gullett

A Day in the Life driving the Appalachian Highway across southern Ohio this morning.


Jamie Thingelstad

First snowfall of 2022 on October 14th. It will all melt, but it is still a fun sight. Minneapolis, MN. ❄️


Pedro Corá

A day in the life - 15:33 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Riding to the metro station. 🚲🚈

Biking to the metro station

Colleen Juri

Out my back door.


Leah Cunningham

First snowfall of the season


Matt Huyck

A Day in the Life of Hanover, New Hampshire
9am, 14th of October, 2022

Japanese maple framing a fall foliage scene with a mix of green, yellow and orange leaves under overcast skies


Manton Reece

Out of the house this morning for errands, a break for a little while at Epoch Coffee on Anderson Lane. A Day in the Life in Austin, 8:15am. ☕️

Photo outside at Epoch Coffee

A Day in the Life Photo Challenge

Taken at 8:07 am on Friday, October 14, 2022 in Blaine, Minnesota, USA.


maique madeira

11:36AM, Carcavelos Beach, Portugal.

a cyclist looks at people playing at the beach

For A Day in the Life. More coming later.