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So far I love my iPad mini! It’s the perfec size for a bigger than phone screen but not overwhelming.

A little Branson, MO getaway weekend.

A serene landscape featuring a grassy field with scattered trees, a small pond, and a partly cloudy blue sky.

I heard Yellowstone is just Succession on a farm. All the kids want Daddy’s love and the control of the business.

I can’t help but look at it any other way now.

Heck yah!

Just hit me #HouseoftheDragon is back tonight.

Did Grimmace turn the Mets season around?

A large, purple mascot is standing on a baseball pitcher's mound holding a baseball glove.

Happy Father’s Day

May your jokes be corny, mowers run smooth, grills be hot and New Balance 608s be comfy.

Get a garage beer and turn up the Steely Dan.

Cool color picker when adding a tint to #homescreen icons in iOS 18.

#ios18 #beta

For the love of all things professional. Please delete the default signature online from your phone. 🤦

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@JohnPhilpin I just have iOS 18 installed on my phone so far. And honestly I do not own a Mac at this time. I will check on my iPad to see if anything changed on it.

The image shows the flashlight brightness adjustment interface on an iPhone’s Control Center screen. The flashlight icon is illuminated, with the brightness slider positioned to the right. Other Control Center icons and indicators for Wi-Fi, airplane mode, and media playback are partially

Another interesting iOS 18 find. The flashlight not only has intensity level like normal, but now has spread. You can do a focused or wide beam. #iOS18

I kinda like the chunky, Duplo iOS 18 icons. Not sure if it is something for everyday, but maybe a nice option for a #minimal #homescreen. #iOS18

A smartphone home screen displaying time, weather, and various app icons. The time shown is 7:20, and the weather in Evansville is 55°F and sunny. App icons displayed include Phone, Mail, Home, Photos, News,

This image displays a dark screen with three icons: a speech bubble icon on the left, a bed icon labeled “Sleep” in the center, and a camera icon on the right.

Nice to see more customization in iOS. Not seeing a flashlight is a big change. Will be great for Shortcuts too.

The image shows a compatibility list mentioning that Apple Silicon Macs with M1 or later are compatible. It highlights that only iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users can currently take advantage of new Apple Intelligence features, with upcoming iPhone

Frustrating that my iPhone 14 Pro Max that is just over a year old won’t get these new features. First time I am aware of a newer device getting stiffed on something like this.


I am just a glutton for punishment…

The image shows a software update notification for “iOS 18 Beta” from Apple Inc. It informs the user that the beta provides an early preview of upcoming apps, features, and technologies, and advises them to back up their iPhone before installation

Promotional poster for a music event featuring the band “Eggy” playing live at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, NV on May 31, 2024. The image shows musicians playing guitars on stage with colorful lights in the background.

🚨 New #Eggy alert!🚨

Night two of Vegas late nights for Dead and Co

Listen here

I mean come on.

The team let us go to the field to meet the team. Then watch our college team play in the NCAA Baseball Championship on the big screen after the game.

A baseball field viewed from behind home plate. The infield dirt is prominent, and the green outfield stretches towards the horizon. Several players are seen near the pitcher’s mound, engaging in pre-game activities. The sky is clear with a few wisA baseball stadium with a large digital scoreboard displaying game information and advertisements. The field is green with a well-maintained infield and outfield. Advertising banners are visible along the outfield fence. The sky is clear with light clouds, and a tall

Baseball night in the hometown third oldest park in America.

A baseball game is taking place in an outdoor stadium. The view is from behind home plate, with some spectators in the stands. Players are positioned on the field with sunshine casting shadows. Advertising banners are visible in the outfield, and a clear blue

Poster for the band Eggy’s performance at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, NV on May 30, 2024. The image features a musician playing a bass guitar under stage lights, with a purple background and text detailing the event information.

🚨 New #Eggy music! 🚨

Night one of two for the Dead and Co late night sets. Big 33 min Suite: Judy Blue Eyes to close out this one set.

Listen here.

Just want to say these new #Eggy album covers kill for #homescreen #wallpapers!

A smartphone lock screen displays the time, date, and current weather conditions. The time is 9:59, and the date is Friday, June 7. The weather is sunny with a temperature of 75°F, and the high and lowA smartphone lock screen displaying the date Friday, June 7, and the time 9:58. It shows weather information: sunny, with a temperature of 72°F (high of 84°F, low of 60°F). Humidity

Screenshot of a retro gaming interface displaying Game Boy game covers. Titles include “Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge,” “Mega Man II,” “Mega Man III,” “Mega Man IV,” “Mega Man V,” “Alleyway,

Very excited for these new additions! #Nintendo keeps giving with the #Switch Online service. I would have never thought these would be released this way.

Mega Man V is a rarity on cartridge. Also special because has bosses only in this game named after planets. All others were remixed NES versions.

#Eggy’s new album ‘waiting game’ will be released September 6th.

A social media post by a user named Eggy announces their new album “Waiting Game,” set to release on September 6. The post includes details about vinyl pre-orders and album bundles, and previews a new single release on Friday. The attached image

Pre-order the vinyl here!

Is anyone into #minimal #homescreen layouts?

Looking for wallpapers/inspiration.

The image shows a smartphone home screen with a bright gradient background. At the top, the time is 10:55 and the battery is 99%. There is a fitness widget displaying activity stats: Move (96/300 CAL), Exercise (0

A band named Eggy is performing live on stage at the Solshine Reverie VIP Set in Chillicothe, IL, on 5.25.24. The image shows band members playing instruments and singing to a large, enthusiastic crowd under a

🚨 New #Eggy music! 🚨

5/25/24 - Soulshine Reverie VIP Set

Listen here

@mrbeefy another reply said the animated excuse me princess is why Zelda cursed him to be mute.

Do we think if there is a live action #Zelda movie that Link will talk?

I can’t recall him ever having a voice.

@odd The Vatican said it was truly a miracle.

@chrisaldrich at six she has more figured then most of us.

@manton Thanks for the help. I tried to assist though looks like the account is gone now.

@jezebelley I believe there is a time it takes to fedirate across the servers. @manton is that correct?

Here is what I do via my instance since i want a more traditional masto experience

@jezebelley I have used M.b to send posts to Masto for awhile few years now.

Are you using the cross posting (how I do it) or ActivityPub option?

@jezebelley Sorry to hear that. Sometimes having it all has a downside. I’ve had plenty to sort through to decide if I need to keep it or not.

@val gotta watch out for um. Sneaky one!

@maique now watch this 😂🤣

@maique giving off big Michael Bolton vibes in Office Space

@paulw I’m ready for part three now. Love that was niche geekdom is now mainstream.

@jean You may have seen but Mimi Uploader has a TestFlight beta out now that has AI support for generating alt-text. It’s become invaluable to me. Mimi Uploader

@V_ She’s to funny and smart!

@KimberlyHirsh must be something up with my m.b notifications. Just seeing this so not ignoring you!

If I recall he does while they play games using his mind to throw candy to Haru for relief.

@zwin You’re welcome. Just saw this. I was told this is Huey Lewis last recording he will do because of his hearing loss. 😕

@news Best news I’ve heard today! Thank you!

@petebrown We’re free friend. Free!

@jessekelber Yea there are a few. ReListen has not been updated in four years too.

@shep 28 in SW Indiana this morning now 60 🥵

@jessekelber The Live Music app pulls from too. You just inspired me to redownload it after my last fresh install. I hardly use it unless it’s hard to find or not released on a soundboard service

@Omrrc The easier characters having to be Yoshi makes sense since the experienced player can ride to assist. I just wish the mode could be flipped on for Peach and Daisy. My six year old girl doesn’t want to be a dinosaur.

Yet, it’s motivation for her to learn how to play correctly.

@maique It will be okay. Just was in my feels on missing her yesterday.

@Gaby just have two bosses left in Blasphemous 1 - I hope that 2 is more clear cut. Sometimes I feel like I got things on pure luck. Also I hate being locked out of items because I did them in the wrong order and after finishing two bosses.

spoilers from above Nail Uprooted From Dirt Fourth Visage

@Gaby just saw this but unsure what it referenced. 🫤