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Welcome to my "professional account". You can tell by the hat. Longtime and still Xbox fanboy Longtime roosterteeth +rvb fanboy This account wont post anything nsfw and if I do I will put a stern content warning

@LilahTovMoon if you can't secure it, don't store it

@drahardja don't hold data if you can't secure it

@Raccoon @bob @bkm oh hey racoon how u doing

@Raccoon do u not what to talk about it here

Its not because you are to stupid to understand, its because im to stupid to explain it to a beginner

Here is a very great way to get an idea of where a picture is taken. The position of the sun. You can tell what direction someone is based on the way the sun is moving relative to your location.

Late night Xbox gaming at DA beach

Hey @Raccoon

Your a writer, is this more a apporite place to ask

@chappy OK that's actually a good choice.

@Raccoon aw man but I'm not logged into DA cord.

@Raccoon anyways you were a writer? My friend said you were after he looked at your account

@Raccoon that was 19 days ago before I went back and decided to stop posting ignorant things

@Raccoon that was 19 days ago. I thought it was really funny and I was hoping for the day I could use my soyjak collection. But yeah it was ignorant a hole post

@Raccoon oh ok then. Man that farmland goes on for miles you can't see it but its huge. One of my reltives owns it. I have better cell reception now.

@bloodravenlib ai finds a way to make everything suck.

At panama right now so sorry if I can't respond to any DMS. Go spend time with yo family or something

Condo at Panama city beach. A nice painting and a beautiful beach out the balcony that's sunny

@kevbob this is the real american independence day I celebrate. Free slurpy day

@Raccoon hey raccoon are you getting my messages my phone says its still sending for like 4 minutes now

@Raccoon I'm typing from here. The signal suxs

@Raccoon no I'm on my phone in the car right now. The reception is awful let me tell you, I've been in here for about 8 hours. Besides I don't do PMS unless someone pms me. Which has not happened ever.

@Raccoon @bkm well that's what my realtive always told me. Anyways what's up. Notice how much cleaner my account is. I went back and realized how ignorant the things I was saying were

Putting bloatware apps that are Preinstalled on a phone with no way to easily remove them should be a crime

@sfoskett never trust anything that's an online service to last forever

@Jon_Kramer @bkm OK if you don't have a legal I'd you shoudnt be In the us. This is just my opinion raccoon before you get all pissy but there's this quote from the us federal government that explains why illegal immigration is a bad thing

"Illegal immigrants are a net fiscal drain, meaning they receive more in government services than
they pay in taxes. This result is not due to laziness or fraud. Illegal immigrants actually have
high rates of work, and they do pay some taxes, including income and payroll taxes. The
fundamental reason that illegal immigrants are a net drain is that they have a low average
education level, which results in low average earnings and tax payment" undocumented immigrants are some of Americas hardest workers however we shouldn't have being undocumented an easier system than entering the us legally. That's just a ducks opinion though

@brianklaas reliable is a strong word but yeah Wikipedia is good

Man southern mobile data sucks

words cannot describe how happy I am that there still making asdfmovies to this day

@AliceFraser people hate on techbros even though there some of the most passionate people in tech

@warandpeas I will give them one thing. they acutally asked rather than just steal the art to train

@ErisCaffee @mcc what about pop oses version of gnome. all of the problems ive had with gnome in the past has been solved with pop oses version of gnome

@mcc use gnome or pop os version of gnome. have not had issues with it, never had any of the issues you are having but it seems to be UEFI and acpi firmware realated issues

@Codeberg @Cyborus ai gold rush is such a good term that im going to use it whenever I hear about ai fucking up

@Raccoon @TheMicroChannel itd just have to redraw it if the monitor got resized.

over the past few weeks ive slowly been getting games not from steam but from other drm free(definitely legal places :p) places to buy and store games. I still use steam for sure. but its nice to have a digital library of games I can come to that have no DRM or restrictions

who in there right mind decided the name the folder where 64 bit dlls are stored "system๐Ÿฏ๐Ÿฎ!!!!" WHOO?

>oh yeah what should we name it, how bout we name it system 32 as in 32 bit for 64 bit programs and dlls, that wont be confusing at all


Recently I realized how many pictures ive been taking, every time I see something or every time I feel like something would be good as a picture I snap and take 20 pictures. I litterally have 528 screenshots in video games on steam. and just now im realizing that I love taking pictures

Twitter recently had a data breach of over 200 million accounts including real names, email address, anything that you put on the account and ๐ฉ๐š๐ฌ๐ฌ๐ฐ๐จ๐ซ๐๐ฌ. I urge you if you have a twitter account(l moment who uses twitter) to check and see if you are affected

ok random tech shower thought

A tv remote but with a slide-able keyboard like on old phones, but bigger since its a remote. Nothings worse than navigating login menus with a tv remote and i think this could save people so much time

Its Just a Prank Bro
the prank:

need something to do, try writing a cheat engine trainer, its alot harder than you thing, for starters

addresses like the amount of money you have change every time you reload the game, but stuff like function calls, and pointers dont, so its a matter of finding the functions and pointers that are accessing stuff like your money so that your trainer can get the address no matter where the memory address shifts/changes

its a great way to learn about assembly and low level development

Scripting in lua that's really easy to learn and hard to master.

You can even use a CEsever on your phone(requires root) to connect to cheat engine on your computer and then edit memory in mobile games and programs (tldr, you can make trainers for your phone)

ever wanted to shoot rockets or corn cannons every time you fire something? learn cheat engine

Want to have more cash than the amount of stars in the entire universe? learn cheat engine

want to get over a divorce? dont use cheat engine :p

Ive realized something

The glass in touchscreens sucks

There extremely fragile with the glass getting scratched an eventuality, I dont know what they use in that but glass is not that fragile on its own

The touchscreen componet isnt that great to, small drops of rain causes its tochscreen to freak out.

Hot, when the phone gets hot that heat will always transfer to the touchscreen leaving my finger feeling like its about to melt(its a very good insulator)

I bring this up because recently oneplus made a phone that works in the rain, which got me thinking that if they can solve that problem maybe they can solve the other annoyances of glass touchscreens

>you WILL not question why the iphone flashes the camera every 5 seconds

>you WILL not investagate the issue

>Its because the iphone camera snaps itself every 5 seconds to see whats in front of it, you WILL not ask anymore questions

>apple IS NOT spying on you and taking a small snap every 5 seconds is definitely not because its creeping on you, you WILL take your medications and you WILL not question anything sky daddy tim cook told you.

Welp as it turns out this image popped up on my feed and I did a little digging into it. As it turns out many people are drawing disabled charcters as a fetish as they hope to cut open there own legs, to the point of them doing it THEMSELVES jesus christ, If you ever see someone like this remind them that they will never be a normal member of society and are a disabled freak

I hate reddit with a passion. Maybe I just am an angry duck

trashy but as a dude I can respect that

I miss cd keys so much

im acutally posting something positive today. jesus where has my life gone to

I love halo 4 and I will die on that hill

the media loves it because the people love it