Annie Mueller

community, community, community. So many questions keep leading me back to this same answer.



I’ve read often that Duolingo doesn’t really teach you anything, but I’m a few weeks into a French conversation class and feel more prepared than I thought I’d be. I def think it’s thanks to all those tiny green owl exercises.



📸 I interrupted someone while he was taking a bath


Hjalmer Duenow

Me and my Little Buddy


Jay Sitter

Was “Myst” one of the most widespread examples of steampunk?


Michael Miller Jr.

Caprese salad is my favorite salad.

A bowl full of cut tomatoes, arranged around a chunk of burrata cheese, and sprinkled with chopped basil. Yum...



July 12, 2024 - with such dry winters, it’s been really surprising to see how much it rains here in summer. and the weather changes very quickly. at least there are some perks to the rain 🌈

double rainbow over a dirt road lined with some trees


Goblin Gumbo


The wearable Pixel Mirror, developed by Hakusi Katei aka Monoli, a Japanese material designer and Ph.D. in engineering, is a crystal that reduces the resolution of what’s behind it – regardless of distance and movement – leaving you with a pixel art of what you are looking at.

I love pixel art, and I love this so much!!

📌 via Kottke


Kirk Strauser

I told Keeva a funny joke.

A Boston terrier is panting in the warmth and looks as though she’s laughing. (She just came inside and has plenty of fresh, cool, clean water in a bowl nearby.)


Today was very busy-

  • blood test
  • walk in park
  • FaceTime with Mum
  • coffee with a friend
  • building Ikea furniture with my son
  • sorting out my new storage
  • King of the Hill
  • writing this

Also really loving my new AirPods that I got for my birthday. I was sceptical but they’re way better than I expected.


Tracy Durnell

📚 Heavy on the comics and art books this library run!

  • Decolonizing Design
  • How to Be Ace
  • The Story Cure
  • Dear Sophie, Love Sophie
  • The Hidden Witch
  • The Infinity Particle
  • Sagmeister & Walsh: Beauty
  • Machine Embroidered Woodlands
  • Cucina Povera
  • A Life in Pattern

stack of library books including some art books and mostly comics



Auto-generated description: A person is holding a Nintendo Switch console, playing a game featuring anthropomorphic animal characters gathered around a central character with dialogue on the screen.

How I spend my time in waiting rooms ☺️


Matt Langford

I’m developing a new Micro.blog theme called Sumo (I also make Tiny Theme). If you’re the experimental type and would like to help beta test it on your site, let me know. You can see Sumo in action on my personal site. Testing will require you to install it via a github repo and manually update.


Mike Hendley

I did a little urban sketching at an event this past weekend on the grounds of Stewart Hall in Montreal. Great connecting with fellow artists.

A person is painting a watercolor of a historic house in a park, with the actual house visible in the background.



I’ve officially paid off all my student loans! I’m so excited! It was $70,000 4 years ago.


The Art Of Not Asking Why

The starting pains of learning to draw taonaw.com

Miraz Jordan

A friend, Sophie, is currently travelling in Sweden to visit family and then on a week long knitting tour in Scotland and the Shetlands. She seems to be having a lot of fun.

She probably doesn't realise though that she's blogging her trip as she uses what looks to be an excellent service called Polarsteps:

One travel app for all your adventures
Plan, track and relive your trips in a smart and beautiful way.


Nick Simson

We are creating a physical directory for exploring the vast poetic web. It features the personal websites of hundreds of designers, developers, writers, curators, and educators.

I like this idea. I’m on the fence about submitting my own site to such directories. My site is personal, but poetic? Gulp. I would totally snag a copy to discover other great websites, though.


Lou Plummer

“The function of freedom is to free someone else.” - Toni Morrison

“Nobody is free until everybody is free.” - Fannie Lou Hamer

These two powerful quotes from two giants of our time, one literary and the other from the Civil Rights Movement capture something that I believe at the very core of who I am. It’s the essence of responsibility.


R Scott Jones


Heavily eroded hillside, deep incising cuts in a very reddish comglamerate.

Miraz Jordan

We Kiwis don't like to toot our own horns much but I wanted to keep this for future memories. For years I worked on behalf of the local community and wrote a monthly newsletter. I stopped doing all that recently. Then Tim emailed:

Email says: Thank you for all you have done for Waikawa. especially for your dedicated commitment publishing Waikawa News over many years. Your regular newsletter was first and foremost a community asset, professionally presented, informative. encouraging, binding. A brilliant and impressive contribution.

It is a precious email, a taonga to me. (A treasure)



Double your productivity by playing coffee shop BGM in an irl coffee shop


Lee Schneider

Is it wrong to watch disinterestedly as the Duolingo owl suffers when I don’t practice my language lessons?


Kimberly Hirsh, PhD

How do I decide what to feature in the Discover tab on Micro.blog? kimberlyhirsh.com

puran zhang

Xiaoyan is studying English, and Hamer is making a quiet book. What a great night, sitting together around the table doing something.


Cédric Aellen

A new sequencer/looper has just arrived.
I was looking for someting to improvise and play live. TAKT by Flame Instruments looks perfect for that

Takt eurorack sequencer

Bryan Sebesta

I recently watched Mary and the Witch’s Flower from Studio Ponoc. 🎥 Charming movie. Two questions:

  1. How did Mary and her grandmother both give up magic so easily? Proximity to hubris?
  2. Fascinating how science and magic are so closely linked in the movie. C.S. Lewis (I believe) thought the same

Elly Loel

As a queer trans neurodivergent disabled white woman… I know all too well that including every detail isn’t feasible but I also know that I want to make this information known so people like me can see that they’re not alone.


Jean MacDonald

Watching the pelicans fish this morning.

Pelican diving into the waves.


I’m still thinking about this Cocha French Toast 4 months later…

A plate of Concha French Toast with strawberries and blueberries.

R Scott Jones

Seventeen years ago today, I visited the remains of my first WWII Japanese internment camp—Minidoka in Idaho—a decade or so we decided to visit them all. rscottjones.com/quests/ww…

Ruins of a stone fireplace, surrounded by a low wall


Auto-generated description: A set of educational workbooks and a pack of 12 Crayola erasable colored pencils are arranged on a wooden surface.

Homeschool prep for this coming school year has begun! 😄 I love getting new books and curriculum in the mail.


Jade van Dorsten

It’s good to see the geese again — it had been a few weeks!

A group of geese swimming near the shore of a lake, with one goose spreading its wings in the center.

Chris Enns

I haven’t published a YouTube video in such a long time, but I stumbled on a viewer question about Audio Hijack file recording length mismatch and made a quick tutorial.

I miss using the video recording / editing muscle on my own stuff.


Emma Cragg

I forgot that one of the things I love most about Wimbledon is Heather Watson’s mum 😁🎾


maique madeira

🎨 A lot of Superlinox’s work gets stolen after a short time on display. This one has been standing for a long time.

A pink statue of a woman holding a hairdryer stands on a ledge against the backdrop of a historic building with ornate windows and a clear blue sky.



More and more I seem to find the world of ordinary everyday things more interesting, appealing and fulfilling than anything art, music or literature etc. may conjure up. The world, as it is, is more than enough.



tbh it’s WAY sexier if you keep a planner and your handwriting is ugly


Kalena Langford

Thrift finds from last week in Natchitoches:

2 Magic Treehouse books to add to our library

3 tiny photo frames to make into ornaments

A Christmas train mug because I thought the kids would like it

A duck picture thing for the bird wall in our guest bathroom

A Study Bible in really great condition

Thrifted items

Leah Cunningham

O happy field! and O thrice happy tree! Soon will your queen in daisy-flowered smock And crown of flower-de-luce trip down the lea, Soon will the lazy shepherds drive their flock Back to the pasture by the pool, and soon Through the green leaves will float the hum of murmuring bees at noon - Oscar Wilde



July 10, 2024 - finally went on a run yesterday morning for the first time in almost 2 months

sunrise with purple and orange clouds



I sometimes wish I could write more about what I draw. However, the reason I draw or paint is to eliminate the use of words. So… yeah.


Sara Hendren

Gonna be following along eagerly with Paper Shoot cameras: papershootcamera.com/. My friend Jesse pointed me to that product, a perfect companion for the email-based photo app of his that I use with my family and friends: finite.photos/.



Two large rocks, once slightly resembling a face looking to the upper left.

Quiet spectators. Staring into infinity. // 📷 lost-in-moments


Jatan Mehta

The satisfaction of sugarcane juice after a badminton sprint; cold-pressed cane fused with ginger and lime. 😌

I hereby demand a sugarcane emoji.


Patrick Rhone

Feels good…

  • Waking up, letting the dogs outside.
  • Making coffee.
  • Letting the dogs back in, feeding them.
  • Making myself a protein-rich, low-carb breakfast.
  • Cleaning the kitchen.
  • Stripping the bed and washing the bedding.
  • Chatting with daughter and wife before we all head out the door for the day.

Luis Vazquez

The hottest, haziest day of the year calls for the darkest goth playlists. We’re talking Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, Bauhaus, Love Like Blood, Two Witches, Switchblade Symphony and the darkness under a red-orange sun goes on. 💀🧛🏼‍♂️🕶🪦🏴🕸



Sometimes my writing gets redirected into my signal chat with my mom. Lately there’s a lot of family and house stuff, and even more, highly specific and intricate cat drama going on. Those “categories” make more sense over there. (But isn’t it amazing how every single cat has its own weird personality?)