Second day of microblogging. I gotta say it feels fresh and liberaring to post without expecting likes. Prepping some pancakes, and eating them with some Latin-white cheese and smoked salmon. Yes, no syrup today.


Florian Ziegler

The 14-month-old dog Anne-Gret is sitting on my daugther's lap, looking at the camera

You just have to deal with the cuteness for a couple more days. Anne-Gret sleeps most of the time that she's here, with little bursts of playtime in between.


Daniel Rose

Good morning! May you accomplish something today that makes you smile.


João Almeida

Commute naps…

Man sleeping on subway train

Lee Schneider

That moment when you realize that everything that comes out of your mouth is a dad joke.


Mark Stoneman 🌐

Reading about Black Librarians and Knowledge Formation


Do you format your tags in note and organization type apps lowercase or uppercase? I’ve been so inconsistent for so long and I want to try to fix that…


Andrew Belfield

Some friends & I recently asked one another: what piece of art or literature can always get you to tear up, no matter what? Here’s mine:

… Life is short & the world
is at least half terrible, & for every kind
stranger, there is one who would break you,
though I keep this from my children. I am trying
to sell them the world. Any decent realtor,
walking you through a real shithole, chirps on
about good bones: This place could be beautiful,
right? You could make this place beautiful.


Jon Rozier

We said farewell to our furry house guest tonight, she’s heading back to her Daddy’s house (he was out of town for work). 🐶🐕

A dog is sleeping on a plush bed in a home interior, with furniture and a rug visible in the background. The text '' is overlaid at the bottom right.

She was rather sleepy when I took this photo, we’d just been on a three and a half mile walk. 🚶🥱 📷



June 20, 2024 - went on a walk outside of my village yesterday 😊

pink flowers in foreground, mountains in background


Smythe Richbourg

Cycling is much more fun when there is a goal along the way. The grilled tacos will be out in a minute.

A margarita in a rock class with a salted rim and a lime side beside an order of chips and a few little containers of salsa on a wooden bar.


Miloš Miljković

Back in Serbia today after 7 years of absence. Fun times lie ahead…

A view from an airplane window captures a sprawling landscape of fields, towns, and distant cityscape under a blue sky with scattered clouds.

Hollie Baggins-Kenobi

We went to the dog park with the puppos, and a very sweet chestnut colored greyhound followed me all over the place, like she recognized me from a past life. Sometimes I wish I could just take dogs like that home. Like, clearly we have a rapport, let’s go cuddle and watch a movie and make a life together.


Kristian Rink

Pale skies, no clouds, above a modern-style building in the right part of the picture. Strong shapes, light reflecting in a line of windows. Old film effect.

Early evening. Quiet textures, few shapes. Not looking up very much, because of the rain. Learning to take the summer for what it is. // 📸 366skies


Denny Henke

Multimedia exploration of Juneteenth:

Juneteenth | National Museum of African American History and Culture

On June 19, 1865, nearly two years after President Abraham Lincoln emancipated enslaved Africans in America, Union troops arrived in Galveston Bay, Texas with news of freedom. More than 250,000 African Americans embraced freedom by executive decree in what became known as Juneteenth or Freedom Day. With the principles of self-determination, citizenship, and democracy magnifying their hopes and dreams, those Texans held fast to the promise of true liberty for all.


Denny Henke

Up First briefing: Why Juneteenth is for all Americans : NPR

It commemorates the day federal troops arrived to enforce The Emancipation Proclamation in Texas some two years after it was issued. More broadly, though, it celebrates the end of chattel slavery. To my mind, it celebrates the beginning of true freedom because — as moral philosophers have long known — no one is free until everyone is because oppression ensnares the oppressor as well as the oppressed. Anyone who has ever been in a toxic relationship knows that.


Against The Future

Anyone who values freedom should celebrate Juneteenth.

This clip from Henry Louis Gates Junior is a great explainer on the holiday.

H/t Darnell Clayton for the video.


Jordon Wadlington

I love the elevation of Juneteenth as a federal holiday and how it provides both a chronological and metaphorical bookend with Independence Day. America may have been established as a nation conceived in liberty, but it took until June 19th, 1865 for this to be realized.

It’s also a good reminder that there’s always more to do to. Freedom isn’t a destination we arrive at or a proclamation to be made, it’s a continuous journey.

America’s long and uneven march from slavery to freedom


Kimberly Hirsh, PhD

🎉 It’s Juneteenth! The National Museum of African-American History and Culture interviewed the museum’s curators about Juneteenth and shared what they had to say in three posts:

  1. What is Juneteenth?
  2. Who Celebrates Juneteenth?
  3. Why is Juneteenth Important?



Jo Bager

My first post!

Hi, the headline says it all. No breaking news here. Just testing if everything works.

black cat looking curiously out of a sofa

Manton Reece

Because of the recent pushback against AI bots, I’ve added a help page to with details about how to block crawling of your blog.


Greg Moore

The first “balloon flowers” are finally blooming. These are my favorite.

Blueish purple flower in front of green leaves with out of focus yellow flowers in the background


How to micro blog:

First, I start with a long rambling post full of redundant information. Usually at least 3000 characters, saying the same thing 20 different ways. The more the better.

Then its time to delete almost all of it and what you’re left with should be a perfect short form blog post!

gif of the scene from that episode of Spongebob where he draws an insanely detailed statuesque face and then almost completely erases it, leaving only a perfect circle

Lou Plummer

The Voices in My Head - Supposedly some people don’t have an inner dialog. I don’t know what that would be like because the voices are always present in mine, and they have questions.


Christopher Wilson

Just sent in my registration to vote as an overseas citizen for the upcoming UK election.



Unpacking is such a wholesome game. I’m 75% through and enjoying just taking my time, playing a new level every few weeks.

I love how the story is gently revealing itself.


Odd-Egil “Oddzthrash” Auran

People are the most expensive robots, but they are also the most versatile ones.



🇹🇭 Congrats to Thailand for recognising marriage equality 🏳️‍🌈

Thailand passes historic bill recognising marriage equality. Country on track to become third in Asia – after Taiwan and Nepal – to legalise same-sex marriage

More here…


Miraz Jordan

This was a quick read, thanks to my enjoying this series so much. I find the main characters very appealing. A False Report by Veronica Heley 📚:

Bea’s investigation leads to the discovery of a circle of crooks with links to high society.

Book cover: A False Report.

This book introduced me to a nasty practice called The Badger Game.


Andy Nicolaides

Can anyone recommend a good app to track / learn about intermittent fasting for weightloss at all?


Sam (Satyajit) Grover

A person is taking a self-portrait through a reflective window using a camera. They are wearing a light-colored hoodie and glasses, and a colorful, floral pattern is visible on the fabric behind them. The background shows a blurred outdoor scene with greenery.


📷 Hasselblad 500C/M
🎞️ Kodak Portra 160


Joe Ross

🦎 What are some good dinosaur apps and games to learn and play with your kids on iOS?

I’m happy to pay for good apps, I just want to avoid scams and low-effort nonsense.


Brad Enslen

Any recommendations for a good RSS feed reader for Linux? I have QuiteRSS which I barely used, but now their website has gone down which is not a good sign.

Getting RSS sorted is on my list of things to do Real Soon Now.



One good thing about a hot summer in Texas is that our crepe myrtles go absolutely crazy this time of the year

A multi-trunked crepe myrtle tree with vibrant pink blossoms stands before a house with brick accents and a blue sky overhead.


Jarrod Blundy

Do I know anyone who’s a Notion magician and wants to drop some knowledge? I’ve been trying all afternoon to put together some databases that link to each other so I can (1) Keep properties and notes on local mountains, and (2) Log each time I climb one with additional properties. It’s thwarting me.


Anne Sturdivant

Today’s featured photo from the Photos app (2024/06/17)

A patchwork of shade foliage next to a hydrangea just beginning to bloom.

June 16, 2024

Three pink hydrangea blooms in different stages of opening next to a trio of shade foliage of brunnera, pulmonaria, and a variegated sedge.

POSSE copies:



Give me a hand. I need a tablet for my daughter (7). Would you prefer an iPad 10 or Samsung Tab S9 FE? My problem is that the iPad 11 is probably coming in the fall! But her birthday is in July. I don’t know which is generally better for children in terms of parental controls and learning apps, etc.


Miloš Miljković

Fries the way they were meant to be made: golden brown and with a side of mayo. Why does the Netherlands have so much better fast food than America, my kid asked, and I didn’t know the answer.

A person is holding a cardboard tray filled with golden fries and a side of mayonnaise.

R Scott Jones

On This Day back in 2017, I visited what was then-claimed to be the World’s largest and, perhaps, oldest living organism.

While it’s since been relegated to second largest living organism, and understood to be closer to 16,000 years ago, this video will still blow your mind. (read more)


Miraz Jordan

What to expect from 'seal silly season':

Vomiting in public. Snoozing in the middle of busy roads. Hanging out in KFC car parks, and waking up on strangers' couches. … all activities that perfectly normal juvenile seals get up to at this time of year.

Dr Jody Weir, a marine science adviser …, said the period from June to September was commonly referred to as "seal silly season".

Ah, yes, we see young seals on the beach sometimes at this time of year.

Seal pup loping across the beach.
Seal pup loping across the beach (2019).

Ludovic Chabant

The fluffy good boy is tired. He’s taking a nap. Do like the good boy: don’t hesitate to take a nap if you feel like it!

A good boy golden retriever lying on the living room's hardwood floor, looking very tired.

Finished reading: The Giddy Death of the Gays & the Strange Demise of Straights by Redfern Jon Barrett 📚

Touching exploration of gender, identity and polyamory with a diverse and likable cast of characters! Will have to read Proud Pink Sky soon.


Captain Pudding | Mikroblog

Ich starte nun mit der Lesereise von „Nachmittage“ von Ferdinand von Schirach. Bin gespannt auf die Geschichten und Perspektiven. Hat jemand von euch das Buch schon gelesen? 📚


Chris Enns

Parenting is wild. It goes from “I’ll never get sleep again. When will the poop diapers stop?!” to suddenly they have their own vehicle and don’t need you to drive them to school anymore. 😢


Christopher DeLuca

A group of six friends is posing playfully on a crowded beach under a sunny sky. The group includes three men and three women. Each person has a temporary tattoo of Chris' face. One woman on the far left is wearing a floral shirt and shorts, enthusiastically pointing to her left arm. Her left arm has Chris' face near the elblow joint. Next to her is a woman in a black swimsuit and sunhat, posing with her hand on her hip. She has Chris' face on her bicep. In the middle, a man has towel draped over his head. This is Chris. The towel has his face on it. Standing next to him is a woman in a gray bikini with her back to the camera, playfully looking over her shoulder. Chris' face is on her lower back. A man in sunglasses and a baseball cap stands behind them, flexing his arm. On the far right, a shirtless man in beige shorts smiles while holding a drink can. The beach is bustling with people, colorful umbrellas, and towels.

I celebrated my birthday at the beach this year. My friends surprised me with matching temporary tattoos of my face, along with a towel also of my face. Silly, dumb fun. 🎂


Aaron Aiken

Drawing it out.

A notebook, a pen, and a coffee mug are placed on a table in an outdoor setting with greenery, sunlight, and a chair in the background.


Barry Hess

I’m a lucky guy. ❤️

Barry with his kids in front of a lake.