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@Enora I let a guy borrow my guitar at an open mic night, and a year later I had a job at a scientific research institute he’d interviewed with (but he didn’t work for) all because he played D&D with the same people who would become my coworkers and he vouched for me.

I never saw him again.

Well the Internet Archive has this one so that alleviates some of the pressure to to order the physical copy.

But only *some*!


This is terrible! I am now able to get whatever book I want!

*Sees a citation in current book*

"Ooh, I wonder if this is available on SD Circuit?"

*Finds it. Realization sets in.*

"It could be mine."

Just got my first book this way. Very very cool. #SanDiego

Elections are always a little frustrating for me because I don't live in a swing state thus my vote is less important.

Please, please, please vote. Don't let Trump win. We very well might not make it through another term.

I feel like I've been gut punched today by the last week of politics, culminating with the SCOTUS decision today re: immunity.

We have to win this election if we want our country to survive. We cannot let this go on.

> "when the president does it that means that it is not illegal."

- Richard Nixon

I continue to be shocked by something I expected.

So much of our current political era is summed up by the phrase: "shocked but not surprised".

It is a take-slinging kinda morning.

I'm in AC for the first time today and wow do I feel human again.

Whelp. I finally got mastodon AI spam.

:nervously awaits book he ordered from library to arrive at his local branch:

@hotdogsladies Ever since the last time you posted this it has become a nonstop topic among my band mates. Simply a spell-binding performance that has no equal, even with the album version. Thank you.

It was also the sound track for my latest vacation.

Historians man, they’re so fucking cool.

OH: "Burning the midnight owl."

Would anyone be interested in a #SanDiego #Padres game scores mastodon bot?

I'm tempted to make one.

@aleen That is an incredible transformation!

That said, I just went for a long walk and it's definitely sunscreen time in #SanDiego again.

Stay hydrated y'all.

I don't normally do too well in heat but for some reason Im thriving today and it's great.

It might be the combination of a lot of cold brew and water with only a little actual food.

San Diego summer is here!

Was up late last night (and tonight) working on a monster of a blog post that I hope someone finds interesting.

Anyway I have already used this.

Hey #SanDiego! Did you know that you can check out books from the UCSD and SDSU libraries using your SD library card? I didn't!

They'll even send them to your local branch so you don't have to drive far!

More info here:

Rabbit holes full of unshaven yaks.

The Decemberists just dropped their latest album. This is the iTunes review. Seems good. Gonna give it a listen later today. #music


Hello, I am writing about [thing]. If you would like more about [thing], check here!

That feeling when you're reading a very cool, very niche blog and find the author's blogroll.

We must go deeper.

This is why blogs are the best.

Nothing like a little “broken 2nd-order dependency causing a failed overnight production build” to start the day. ☕️

It is *shocking* to me just how dramatically Google's search is improved by adding "before:2023" to the end of any query.

On the other hand I can still skip YouTube ads by refreshing the page. (Mobile site only)

I occasionally still browse the bird site (because some people I like are still there) but I don’t install apps for sites which promote my bad habits (see also YouTube) and it is incredible that the Twitter website still, to this day, doesn’t have a back button that works on iOS.

“Durham House, was accused by one suspected conjuror of using magic to locate buried treasure—an activity expressly banned by the Witchcraft Act.”


Favorite new (read: old) spelling:


One day all these strange book quotes and cover pictures will make sense I promise.

“His first known production is the translation of a French treatise… completed on 3 May 1522, sometime between three and four o'clock…”

God help me if I am ever so precise.

Found during my research.

@treyhunner Congrats on making HN! Very useful stuff. I use http.server and sqlite a lot. Some are new to me though.

@artlung I have very often sent this to personal contact or friends of friends and it always gets contention. That ASCII diagram is by far the most contentious.

Though modeling it after the IETF site was choice that panned out exactly as intended :)

I have linked to that standard several times online, and every time it fails to garner really any attention at all.

I think it’s because I made the webpage looks so boring and technical that nobody wants to bother reading it, which actually makes the joke even funnier.

@hotdogsladies This list is 👌

That is my favorite Replacements album too. Also, NMH + Replacements are my favorite bands.

That’s not a bad thing, fyi. Just an observation. #food

@hotdogsladies I was not prepared for how mesmerizing that performance was.

Can you tell what I've been reading a lot of lately?

I swear, sometimes reading the news is like watching a very slow re-interpretation of Roman History (c 100 BCE).

It's not the same plot or cast, but its certainly the same writer.

Rousseau said this on the topic:

[T]he most important [kind of law] of all, which is engraved neither on marble noose brass, but in the hearts of citizens... I am speaking about mores, about customs, and above all about opinion. (pg 55)

#uspol #philosophy

@manton Ah yes. I know this error well. 🫡