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So I've been a science teacher, museum guide, freelance writer, software dev, software product manager, network admin, and for a long time now a business trainer. And I run SFF conventions.Member: #tootfinder.

@MitchW I do not subscribe to any channels about adult diapers.

@MitchW What type(s) of videos do you like? I follow a lot of science channels, for instance, but I have no idea if you and she would be interested in those.

@petergleick As I wrote in another thread, the LA Times is really missing a point.

#RFKJr is also totally unfit to be President.

@GottaLaff The Times is wrong. #Rfk_jr is also unworthy of a position of power.

@Lockdownyourlife I am a straight, white man. Project 2025 will also harm me.

Because I care about other people.

And I care about the truth.

@ZachWeinersmith I'm not an economist, but presumably if China wasn't an industrial powerhouse, someone else would be. It isn't that people are proposing to eliminate industry and return to medieval agricultural economies.

@DemocracyMattersALot I'm pretty sure you meant to "... ignore the thieving, lying, raping insurrectionist." Common mistake.

@DavidCorn How did you like his recent statement that, if elected President, he would pause all infectious disease research at NIH?

@graydon Sort of depends on what you mean by "conservative". MAGA, for example, is not conservative per se. It's radical nationalism.

@SharonCrockett Please give a source? I can't find any such article in a quick web search.

@spamless Let me teach the course. Please, please let me teach the course.

@KatM @RationalWiki @blogdiva In another forum, a former museum engineer said that Allen was in the process of transferring the museum to a nonprofit, but died before anything was signed.

@JamesGleick @pbump Another way to summarize it: Trump knows he can't win the debate and is already making excuses for looking like a fool.

@QasimRashid Sorry, but you're being unfair to Elizabeth Wolf.

She tried to kill both a 3-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy. You're being too kind to this waste of carbon.

@ChemicalEyeGuy @uspolitics @CNN Grabbing women by their private parts? Killing his own Vice-President?

@ChrisMayLA6 You have given no reason to think 63% is the wrong number to fail to proceed with. It sounds totally plausible to me. You even include projects that were abandoned or withdrawn, which ... what reason do you have to think government policy was responsible?

I'm not defending the current system. I'm only saying you've failed to attack it.

@MitchW You're only talking about a tiny fraction of the Fediverse, of course. Lemmy? Pixelfed? (OK, Lemmy is a Reddit role-filler, and Pixelverse is explicitly Instagram-but-better.)

@bourgwick @internetarchive Only you can write your congressional representatives. Well, I can write them, but unless you're in my district they won't care as much.

Note: I did in fact write my reps. And join EFF.

@MitchW Mitch, you have met me. There is zero chance I'm cool.

@ZachWeinersmith Talmudic miracle stories? Golem stories? Kabbalist stories?

@briankrebs In the United States, truth is an absolute defense against defamation liability. (I'm not a lawyer, of course.) So ... the suit would expose them to discovery, and to having to testify under oath at depositions, in exchange for no chance of prevailing at trial. Can you say, "Bluff"? I knew you could.

@spamless Actually, since you're presenting an argument from authority (Medscape) ....

No, actually the genetic fallacy fails here. He's demonstrably, demonstratedly, political in his medical writing.

@mitchw "California’s housing problem isn’t what you think it is"

But, Mitch, that *is* exactly what I thought your housing problem was. Same as the Boston area, or Tokyo.

The entire NY metro region (NYC, Nassau and Suffolk Counties) is experiencing a natural gas shortage. Some of the transmission lines feeding the area are experiencing problems, combined with high demand due to low temperatures. Both Con Ed and National Grid (the two gas utilities for the area) are asking customers to conserve gas by lowering thermostats and not operating optional gas appliances (e. g. dryers) until the cold snap passes.